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Perfecting Food Packaging

Exiges Instrument systems offers industry leading products to help food manufactures measure, understand and perfect package seal integrity. With patented technology that provides accurate O2 & CO2 measurements while detecting leaks as small as 5 micron.

Exiges Instruments

Most pack types & sizes

Understand your MAP process on every food package type you produce.

Products & Services

O2 & CO2 Analyzer

Do you modify the atmosphere of your packages with N2 or another inert gas?

Gas & Leak Analyzer

The Exos can provide both modified atmosphere testing and micro-leak measurements.

Automatic Analyzer

The Oxylos performs automated analysis and measurement of micro-leaks, O2 and CO2.


Consumables includes everything from extra needles to septums to various accessories.

We’ll help install & train your operators

Exiges Instruments can provide fully trained technicians to install your precision instrument on site and train your operators.

Easily understand where the process is breaking down & fix it before it ships

By implementing package testing protocols, you will know the instant your process is breaking down and where to start looking to fix it. Seal Integrity is imperative and the quicker you can identify issues the better your product will be when consumed.

OXYLOS Features

  • Reduce testing costs: No consumables necessary
  • Automatic: The operator can perform multiple tasks while testing.
  • Safe to operate: No need to handle the needle during normal operation. 
  • Testing protected from outside interruptions
  • Dry tests: Hygenic, no source of bacterial growth and easy to clean.
  • Generate reliable and consistent data:  from the R&D stage on.
  • Actively measure the impact of packaging machine settings: on the overall integrity of the package.

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